Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ishant Sharma and Rahul Gandhi

I would have never thought of any parallels between Ishant Sharma and Rahul Gandhi but for this wonderful piece of commentary by Kapil Dev. As a commentator, Kapil wears his heart on his sleeve and plays the role of half fan-half pundit to perfection. In the recent India-Australia series, Ishant managed to best his previous record by conceding 30 in an over. Kapil was seething; you could actually imagine him breaking windows if he had been in the dressing room. But in a few seconds, he calmed himself down and said

"Isme Ishant ki koi galti nahin hai. Agar, selectors mereko ball denge our bolenge bowl karo, mein to bilkul try karoonga. Aap bhi karenge. Kyo nahin try karen? Ishant bus wohi kar raha hai "

"This is just not Ishant's fault at all. If the selectors give me the ball and ask me to bowl, I will try. So will you. Why will anyone not? Ishant is doing the same thing"

This is exactly the same with Rahul Gandhi. If the largest party of an extremely populous country bends over backwards and begs you to lead them, what would you do?

And if we can pause for a second, and then rush past the impulse that says that this analogy can be milked no further; we can find more parallels between Ishant Sharma and Rahul Gandhi.

Both started with promise, best-case scenario for both now is adequacy, and fans of both will call it a good day if they dont get embarrassed by something their icon has said/done. One was born great (should it be greatly born), one had greatness thrust on him; both are now aspiring for mediocrity.

One spell led to Ishant's birth in international cricket. One birth has led to Rahul's spell in Indian politics.

Both have nothing to offer, but plod along because we have no alternatives. Congress's leadership ability compares well with India's fast bowling stocks. Eventually, when this all plays out, we might all come to the realization that Kapil Paaji reached - "Isme inki koi galti nahin hai" (They are not to blame)

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